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On-Page SEO Services - SEO Internal Linking & SEO Site Structure

On-Page SEO Services are essential if you are serious about establishing an online presence for your business! Anyone has access to the internet nowadays, and from all across the world!

The era where only computer-literate people could use the internet had passed, with the introduction of smartphones and internet speed increasing while becoming more affordable, making them more accessible for all types of people.

We all know that day will come when your mom will be using social media and sending you a message online while you were messing around with online message rooms a few decades ago!

Regardless of the nature of your business being brick-and-mortar or eCommerce, a website 
nowadays is necessary. It also provides a massive advantage by allowing you to reach your target market!

What Is On-Page SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In layperson’s terms, SEO consists of techniques to make your website easy to find by showing up on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, etc.) So that when someone searches for a keyword related to your business, your website will appear on the top or 1st index page of the search engine used!

Example: your business is about mushroom supplements, then someone is searching for mushrooms for mental clarity, so they typed “mushroom supplements for the brain” in Google search, and your website is among the results that showed up on the first page!

There are two main techniques when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines to improve its Google rankings: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO

Whether you plan to establish a new eCommerce business or wish to reinvent your brand, brand identity is the most crucial aspect of your success. Your brand is the frontline of your business. So you must create a unique and catchy brand strategy that can attract your target customers can easily trust.

On-page SEO

It is also often referred to as “on-site SEO,” and the two terms could be used interchangeably. On-Page SEO is when parts of the pages in your website are modified to optimize them so that search engines would recognize them and rank higher in search results, generating more relevant traffic and potential customers.

What Techniques Are Utilized For On-Site SEO?

Several techniques are utilized for On-page optimization, which involves optimizing various webpage elements, including the content, title tag, meta description, headers, internal links, and images. These strategies are essential to get higher positions in the Google search console.

Optimizing these on-page elements would allow search engines to understand the content of your page and place it on top search results, making it more relevant to anyone searching for specific keywords related to your business.

Here are some of the standard on-page SEO tools, a few tips, and how they could have a positive impact on your website if optimized right:

Keyword research

Keywords are the words you type when you are searching for something online. Users type and use specific keywords when searching for something online, so researching and selecting the right keywords relevant to your business and attuned to your products to target each page are essential if you want your brand and products to be discovered by showing up in results.

We understand the importance of search traffic through keyword optimization. So, we always conduct keyword research and control keyword density for more search traffic. This way, search engines understand that a page is for a specific topic.

Title tags and meta descriptions

Optimized title tags and meta descriptions are specially written to include the targeted keywords while accurately describing the page content. This signifies to the search engines what keywords you need a page to rank for and gives your target audience a quick idea of what your page contains that is relevant to what they are looking for!

Content optimization

Creating high-quality content or a blog post relevant to your target niche provides value for them, making them keep returning for more! It’s a crucial Google ranking factor since it’s a language used by Google algorithms.

Optimizing content via incorporating targeted keywords allows your target audience to end up 
on your site and for search engines to understand and better index your site. Structured data may help Google better understand what’s on your web pages.

Any valuable content would bring in the most significant amount of traffic possible. At the same 
time, search engines would help it rank better!

Header tags

Proper application of each page’s title or header tags (such as H1, H2, H3, and beyond) for structuring content makes it easier for the users to read and digest the context and allows search engines to quickly understand your site’s content and end up ranking higher.

The top header is the one that initially captures the attention of your site visitors to keep on 
reading. While the rest of the other headers is what makes your page content scannable.

Optimized headers could also gain featured snippets allowing search engines to understand 
your website pages more efficiently. We also make sure to avoid duplicate title tags.

Image optimization

Optimizing images (alt text) doesn’t just make your web pages load faster and add relevant file names and alt tags; this allows search engines to understand your site’s content. Alt text also shows up better, not just in search engines but in image search engines as well.

Optimizing images for the web requires a suitable resolution, dimension, size, and format while keeping the file size as small as possible but without sacrificing image quality. Software such as Photoshop allows you to optimize images for websites.

SEO Internal linking

SEO internal linking is the links in your page that points to another webpage on your site. External links or backlinks differ since those are links from other sites that point to your website instead.

Creating relevant internal links to other site pages allows search engines to better understand 
your site’s SEO structure and hierarchy. Adding an anchor text also helps in boosting your online traffic.

User experience optimization

Optimizing your site for a better user experience is also a part of on page SEO. It improves the elements that make it easier and more comfortable for the user to browse your websites. It also helps speed up the page load time for mobile devices and laptops.

It includes site speed, more straightforward navigation, and even mobile-friendly (and most 
users nowadays are browsing with their phones), all generate a positive user experience that would make them useful and keep coming back to your site. Thus, it’s one of the most important on-page SEO elements.

URL structure

Long or unclear page URLs are more than troublesome for users to recall and type. Still, the same goes for search engines, as it would require more work for search engines to interoperate and index them correctly.

A well-structured URL allows search engines to better understand a webpage’s content and 
index it properly. It could also assist in organizing a site’s hierarchy and content. Another essential factor in URL structure is the inclusion of the target keyword, which helps further
improve its search engine ranking.

An example of improving URL structure is using subfolders in their URL to help indicate the connections between different pages, which also results in making it easier to update and overall manage the website.

Why Is On-Page SEO Important For E-Commerce Websites & Online Brands?

On-page SEO is essential for your business website if you are serious about building an online presence. It leads to higher visibility and increased credibility. It also plays a role in providing a better user experience and also creates cost-effective benefits.

For an SEO strategy to succeed, on-page SEO is essential since it allows Google and other 
search engines to understand your website content better. Optimizing on-page elements can help improve your website search engine rankings, drive more organic traffic to your site, and ultimately help in achieving your goals!

Search engines understanding your website consent also allows it to deliver to users searching 
for specific keywords or phrases. On-page SEO is important for online brands and eCommerce websites for the following reasons:

Better user experience

On-page SEO also improves user experience by optimizing content, navigation, and the website structure, leading to users staying and using your website!

Improved user experience leads to increased engagement with your website, more extended 
page views as they remain and browse your site, and, eventually, higher conversion rates!

Higher visibility in search engine results pages

On-page SEO makes it possible for your website to show up in search engine results pages. It is done by optimizing several things on a page, such as a page content, SEO structure, and code.

Doing so allows search engines to understand and acknowledge your website better, resulting 
in your website appearing even on the first page of search results for relevant keywords compared to other websites in the same industry. It could lead to more traffic to your site, which means more potential customers!


You also get to save more with on-site optimization. It is a cost-efficient method for improving your online presence by increasing the website’s visibility in search engines, just like advertising!

But unlike paid advertising, on-site SEO is even better, as it generates long-lasting effects and 
benefits, such as continuing to drive more traffic to your website over time. It means more potential leads and the efforts on-site optimization placed into it would eventually bear fruit.

Increased credibility and trust

Aside from the ones showing up on the first pages getting viewed first, users also have this mentality and perception that the sites that rank higher in search engine results are more trustworthy and credible, establishing your brand authority.

On-page SEO makes this possible, which could lead to increased brand awareness and loyalty 
as users perceive your website as credible!

What To Look For When Sourcing On-Page SEO Services?

Just like with every type of SEO service provider, there are good SEO service providers as well as bad ones who would end up wasting your money and time! It will be in your best interest to examine first if the SEO service provider you plan on hiring is up to the task before letting go of your precious money! A quality on-page SEO service provider can effectively optimize your website for search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website! There are several factors to consider when hiring an on-page SEO service provider, which will be discussed in more detail below. Are you looking for a guide to on-page SEO experts? Here are the qualities to consider when choosing a trusted expert, which here at Cavetta happen to all have:


Check if a service provider has experience when it comes to on-page optimization. A service provider with extensive experience is guaranteed to do the job successfully. The best way to determine their experience is if they have a track record of websites successfully optimized for site traffic and had high search engine rankings.


Select an SEO service provider that is clear to talk with and communicates regularly. An SEO service provider must respond to all your questions and even contact you regularly to provide reports regarding the project and its progress.


Go for an SEO service provider with a concrete plan and direction. A technical SEO service provider must provide a clear strategy for optimizing your site’s on-page element. Refrain from companies that do keyword stuffing and other ineffective steps.

The SEO service provider should be able to identify the critical areas of your website that require improvement and then provide a customized plan for optimizing your site. The company should align strategies and match search intent.


The most important thing is that an SEO service provider could provide results; after all, it's why you require their services in the first place! To determine if they could deliver results and meet your expectations, look at their proven track record for improving your search engine rankings and driving traffic to successful websites.


An on-page SEO service provider you intend to hire must have a positive reputation in the industry and be free from issues. You could check for reviews and testosterone from their previous clients to give you a better idea and gauge the quality of service they could provide.

By ensuring the reputation of the on-page SEO service provider you plan on hiring, you can rest assured that they could do the job, and you also won’t have to deal with any issues that may arise!


Hire a reliable SEO service provider which is transparent about their methods and processes and not just drowning you in technobabble speak. An SEO service provider should be able to explain to you how they plan to optimize your site. The experts should also regularly keep you up to date with the project's progress.


While an SEO service provider is up to the task, you must know their pricing first. Such service providers vary in prices, so try to search for an SEO service provider that offers competitive pricing to ensure it wouldn’t hurt your wallet.

An on-page SEO service provider must also be transparent about their pricing information from the start so you wouldn’t have to deal with BS like hidden service fees later on. You must also check for the pricing of other similar on-page SEO services to avoid getting ripped off!

Cavetta Services For On Page SEO

At Cavetta Digital and internet marketing services, we offer affordable and cost effective solutions for your on-page SEO needs. However, ensure you get your money’s worth by having everything you want to be covered and even exceeding your expectations!

Our team of SEO specialists has extensive years of experience in handling on page and even 
off-page SEO! By having transparency as clear as the sky, you’ll get to know the strategy they would implement to let search engines take notice of your obscure website and take it to new heights!

We here at Cavetta services would also be always available for you, ready to hear you out 
whenever, and even keep you constantly updated and in the loop about what is happening with your site!

By availing of Cavetta services for on-page SEO, rest assured that your website will show up on 
top searches and build up your brand due to its strong online presence!

How Can Poor On-Page SEO Negatively Affect A Business?

Having poorly implemented on-page SEO is now without its consequences; aside from being a total waste of time and money, it will harm your eCommerce website and overall online brand!  These include decreasing the visibility of your website in search engines, lowering your brand’s trust and credibility, increasing bounce rates, and even affecting website performance which results in a horrible user experience, to mention some. Here is how such factors could negatively affect your online business:

Poor visibility in search engines

A poorly implemented on-page SEO can result in poor search engine visibility, which defeats the primary purpose of SEO. Since your website wouldn’t appear in search engines even with the use of relevant keywords would result in decreased traffic, meaning you wouldn’t be gaining enough potential customers = fewer sales.

Bad user experience

A poorly implemented on-page SEO can also result in a terrible user experience, such as slow loading times, broken links, and even uninteresting content. Such factors lead to decreased engagement and web page views and annoy or even anger visitors, also affecting credibility and trust. Since you have fewer visitors or they aren’t staying long on your site, it also means lower conversion rates.

Lower credibility and trust

Websites with poorly implemented on-page SEO would also appear less credible and trustworthy in users’ eyes. Such a thing can negatively affect your brand’s reputation, which decreases brand loyalty and recognition and even damages your brand reputation.

Higher bounce rates

A higher bounce rate means that when a visitor checks your website but only leaves immediately after viewing only a page. It may not seem a big deal. Still, such actions could negatively affect your site’s search engine rankings, and even visitors are least likely to return. Poorly implemented on-page SEO could cause such, like a slow-loading page or uninteresting and irrelevant content!

Higher bounce rates

A poorly optimized website could severely affect user experience. On page SEO factors such as poorly optimized Google images and codes could result in slower loading times. With several factors leading to negative user satisfaction, visitors to your website are least likely to come back, giving your brand a bad reputation and losing brand loyalty due to annoyance and anger in using your poorly optimized website.

Boost Your Online Presence With Out On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO is a better form of paid advertising with long-lasting benefits. On page SEO can help in strengthening and solidifying the online presence of your brand by making your website stand out, as they would show up on the top pages of search engines, leading more potential customers who aren't even searching specifically for your brand but are just searching for something related to it!

With the implementation of on-page SEO, those visitors drawn to your site are also bound to stay due to content that is useful and relevant to their interests! By providing the best user experience, they wouldn’t become just one-time customers and perhaps even keep returning to your site, resulting in even more sales! A correctly implemented on-page SEO is a worthwhile investment that would eventually bear fruit!

By hiring professional on-page SEO services, you are assured of getting an adequately 
implemented SEO strategy that will work and generate results. Speaking of professional on-page SEO services, you could never go wrong with Cavetta! Our professional SEO specialists all have the required skills and experience to take a website to the top page of search engines!

We here at Cavetta can assist brands and online businesses like yours by providing superb
On Page SEO Services at affordable prices! Cavetta can also improve or update your current website and transform it from an obscure website to showing up on the first search engine results index pages! You need experts who will give you a clear on-page SEO checklist and customize your brand’s strategies.


Case Studies

Case Studies

Looking to improve your online presence so you can profit? We are a Full Stack Digital Agency at your disposal. Schedule a call with us today to see how we can help you.


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Looking to improve your online presence so you can profit? We are a Full Stack Digital Agency at your disposal. Schedule a call with us today to see how we can help you.

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